Belated birthday present

A week ago today I was having coffee with a guy I found myself liking.  I felt it was reciprocated: we had been in touch almost every day for the month prior to us meeting in central London after he suggested that we ‘share the moment’ of glorious sunshine together.  As of last Friday I haven’t heard from him – not a peep.  Even with other nascent relationships which have absolutely bombed, there was a period of sputtering and coughing as it wound down and died a (sometimes horrible) death; in this case, however, I am still a little baffled as to why and how a meeting which went without any negative shakes (he messaged me afterwards saying it was nice to meet), with some contact for the following couple of days just stopped.  We were friends, we didn’t have any expectations of each other, but that almost makes it stranger.  There’s nothing wrong with me, so I assume it’s him, and I’m too proud and not bothered to contact him and find out what’s going on, so I’ve left it.

But a week on, there was still a tiny amount of residual moping, and so I thought I could do with a little treat while I wait for my big treat (more on that when it arrives, hopefully!).  I had some birthday vouchers waiting to be used, so after work, in spite of a head cold, I headed to one of my favourite havens of therapy – Harvey Nichols.

Love, love, love Harvey Nichols.  It’s a manageable edit of desirable items, a far more sedate and civilised shopping experience than the frenetic push-and-shove of Harrods (especially in the summer with all the wealthy overseas visitors), and sometimes I get lost in there for ages just exploring rack after rack of beautiful things.  

Now is a perfect time to go, with the fall/winter 2014 collections arriving, and while I am trying to save for my big treat, I couldn’t help but wander over to the shoe department, and then browse the floors.  My eyes landed on this lovely jumper which had literally just arrived yesterday, and as soon as I put it on I knew I had found my go-to wear-with-everything piece for autumn…


This See by Chloe sweater is wool tweed on the front and sleeves and black cotton on the back. The best part is that it has pockets at the front, which I love!  I see this going with everything, and have mentally packed it for my trip to NYC this autumn.

I also succumbed and finally bought the Isabel Marant slouchy boots which I have had a sneaky eye on for ages.  I have baulked at the ridiculous price for these boots, but as I had vouchers and was in the mood – plus they now have a black sole instead of the tan/wood sole which I didn’t like – I gave in and bought them…and now I can’t wait to wear them.  They are definitely ‘me’, and I have already paired them with almost everything in my wardrobe from white skinny jeans to faded boyfriend jeans to leather trousers…I’m telling myself the cost is justified by how much I will wear these, even though they will be competing with my black leather Frye short biker boots and short Prada boots.  They are definitely different, though…

And now I’m looking forward to wearing my new purchases, plus preparing for my next trip….Andalucia…bought my tickets online for the Alhamabra today…I’m feeling more prepared for it now that I’ve taken some small steps to make sure I know what I’m doing as soon as I get there…

My motto still holds true: always look forward, never back!



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